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Buying a home is one of life’s most important decisions. Don’t be tempted to make an emotional choice without performing your due diligence. LUPA Home Inspection will arm you with the facts so that you can negotiate your best financial deal—or move on to a better one. To schedule your professional home inspection in the Atlanta area, contact us at (404) 441-3264.

Our Inspection Services

At LUPA, we thoroughly examine homes inside and out to gain an accurate assessment of their condition.

Main Systems

Our regular inspection includes an evaluation of the following: structure, interior, HVAC, exterior, roof, plumbing, and electrical. We scrutinize each of these main systems and their components so you understand the condition, approximate age, and any necessary repairs.

Inspection Add-ons

For an additional fee, we also offer other services that can be added on to the regular inspection. Homeowners often have concerns about the presence of mold, lead, termites, and radon. If you suspect an issue with any of these substances, be sure to take advantage of an add-on service at the time of the inspection.

Call (404) 441-3264 to schedule your home inspection, or contact us with any specific questions you may have.

Why Choose LUPA Home Inspection?

A home inspection can uncover hidden defects in a house, thus protecting you from expensive repairs later when the option to negotiate is gone. Here’s what makes us your best choice:

  • Certified by InterNACHI
  • Updated equipment
    Our service includes a high-end infrared thermal imaging scan of the entire house that reveals things not visible to the naked eye. Affordable pricing, top-notch service.
  • Very detailed-oriented
    Owner Al Correa takes his time as he works. Where most home inspection contractors schedule two or three inspections per day, Al schedules one.
  • Personable
    Al welcomes the homeowner’s presence during the inspection so he can explain the process and answer questions.

Scheduling a home inspection with LUPA Home Inspection makes good financial sense. Contact us at (404) 441-3264 to schedule your appointment in Atlanta and surrounding areas including Alpharetta, Cummings, and Marietta, Georgia.